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6With the data that we gather from the investigationwe create a “Marketing Plan” (part of the overall “Business Plan”) to better market the products and/or services of our clients.
We utilize “Direct Marketing” techniques to better focus on our target market and to enhance the results of the “Marketing Plan” while being more “cost-efficient” in the expenses of the marketing.



We utilize the following

methods of marketing:


about graphics

Online Marketing   menico

Surveys   menico

Online Newsletters   menico

Selective Magazines and Newspapers   menico

menico  Radio and Television    

menico  Print Material    

menico   “Meet -and -Greet”    

menico   Expositions / Commercial Fairs    


 menico  Unique &  Customized

 Marketing  Processes   menico








We have teams of professionals that can create various types of marketing materials in various languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, etc.)


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