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- AUSTERITY IN SPAIN – A failed ideology.
- China Protests US State Department Remarks on South China Sea.
- The Ezra Klein Challenge: Spanish Bond Yields II. TRMS guest Ezra Klein accepts the challenge
   of explaining in under two minutes why Spanish bond yields have risen dangerously high.
- Stocks Lower as Traders Still Focus on Spain.   
- Counterfeit Wine and the Role of China.   
- Ukraine police clash with Kiev crowd over language law.  
- "Wave of Water": Torrential rains kill dozens in Russia.   
- Ukraine seethes after Russian language law voted in.   
- An economic reality check for the USA.   
- Emotions run high as eviction leads to protest in Northern Spain.   
- Spain's short-term borrowing costs jump at auction.   
- Gruesome photos put spotlight on China's one-child policy.   
- Massive bailout for Spain may only be stopgap measure.   
- "Putinization" spreading in Europe, US group warns .   
- China steps up vigilance at sea.   
- Deflation rears its ugly head.   
- China hopes for US economic, financial improvement.   
- "The Changing Face of Europe". The booming EU economy is fueling waves of legal and illegal migration.  
- Canton Chinese Export Commodities Fair. Bi-yearly Commercial Fair for Importers/Exporters.  
- For comparison facts between the European Community and the United States.  
- Spanish Living - Your complete guide to Life and Living in Spain.  
- Stocks soar to highest level in over four years on Europe bond plan.
- Weather.com - National and Local Weather Forecast, Hurricane, Radar and Report.