How We Help


As mentioned above, we provide a diverse selection of services to our clients; our clients are owners of successful companies (small and medium sized) in various business sectors. 

One of the services we are focusing our efforts on is providing sound and flexible financial options for our clients. Whether it be to enhance your current operations or expand into a new market, we can access the capital investments through our network of investors.

Once we establish what your goals are, with the help of our team of profesionals, we will begin to create all the neccessary documents that each investor needs in order to begin the process. Once we have found an investor and negotiated the terms of the deal, we will begin the underwriting process and any other request, such as visits.

After this step is completed a closing date is set between the parties and on said date the capital will be available to you for your professional needs. 

We really take pride in being consultants and not being viewed as brokers. Once the deal is closed we continue to stay very hands on with our services to make sure our clients and investors are both successful.

Ambos Mundo President

Marco Porcher Jiménez



Our primary goal is to find stong financial options for our clients. Our clients are owners of successful companies (small & medium-sized) in various business sectors. 

We understand that each investor or investment firm has their own method of assessing potential investments, therefore we take pride in being flexible and providing any financial or business documents in the desired format. 

Once you have made the decision to move forward with a certain project, we will directly work you and our client in order to make the process go as smoothly as possible for all parties. 

After underwriting and any further due diligence on your part has been done, we will set a closing date and move forward with the transfer of capital. 

After closing, it is our responsibility to provide all financial documents and any other desired updates to investors in a timely manner.