At “Ambos Mundos” we created our niche for innovation in the international market research industry. Over the past 10 years, we developed various comprehensive marketing research programs applying advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. These programs are customized for our clients based on the market they are interested in and we constantly update this data to the ever-changing market conditions.

We utilize our team of professionals…
in various international markets to gather this vital information so that we can create a customized “Business Plan” to best penetrate and compete in the market(s) that our clients desire.

We analyze the following data:

We access public records to know and understand the competition better.  Also, we visit the competition to make a more accurate assessment of their business.

We analyze the demographics of the market population (age, race, sex and salaries; home ownership and the value of the homes; etc.).  This data is vital in the marketing, financial and technical assistance that we offer.

We analyze data such as crime, unemployment, new investments (or, lack thereof), growth of the market, existing businesses that are strong or weak in the market, corporations that are entering the market or leaving, etc.

We have a highly successful Research Partnership with strong members in the Market-research Profession, that we utilize from time to time to assist us.
We have a network that stretches into 40 countries!